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Women’s Mental Health in Tunisia
Saida Douki, Fathi Nacef
Official Journal of WPA / Volume 1N°1
The Declaration of MADRID  and its Implentation  Ahmed Okasha  Word Psychiatry  Volume 1 N° 2  2002
The Strategy and Policies of The WPA
Ahmed Okasha 
World Psychiatry – Volume 1 N° 3
The Presidential WPA Program on Child Mental Health  Ahmed Okasha  World Psychiatry   
Family Therapy & Muslim Families : A Solution Focused Approach Wahida C.Valiante APN e.News letters

Psychiatric Emergencies in General Practice

Lachtar C. , Bellaaj F., Amami O., Jarraya A. Faculty of Medecine of SFAX 2003

Abu-Dhabi Psychiatric Day Hospital  

(pdf   text)

Faisal, M.Kh. Al Zarrad

APN e.Journal   1- Volume 1

Prevalence of PTSD among Palestinian children in Gaza Strip   ( pdf text )

Samir Qouta,  Eyad El Sarraj

APN e.Journal  N° 2- Volume 1 2004

Strategies for Post-War Rehabilitation of Mental Health services / Focus on Iraq 

Ahmed Okasha  APN e.Journal  N° 2- Volume 1 2004

State of the Art in The Management of Bipolar Disorder

Ahmed Okasha  APN e.Journal  N° 3- Volume 1 2004

On the Occasion of the International Day

for Human Rights  

Ahmed Okasha  APN e.Journal  4- Volume 1 2004

Predicting Violence and Recidivism among Forensic/Correctional Population  

Wagdy LOZA APN e.Journal  4 - Volume 1 2004
 Multilingualism vs. Arabisation of psychiatry in the Arab countries (pdf   text) Numan M. GHARAIBEH APN e.Journal  N° 5 - Volume 2 2005
Risk-Benefit Analysis Of Making Prescription-Only Antidepressants(OTC) (pdf   text)  Numan M.Gharaibeh APN e.Journal  N° 8 - Volume 2 2005
The Case Of First Wife In Polygamy  (pdf   text) LOTFY A.M. AL-SHERBINY APN e.Journal  N° 8 - Volume 2 2005
Prevalence of psychiatric emergencies (pdf   text)

Abdel Shafy MK, Rafik RA,

Wael Abo-hendy,

 Saber A. Mohamed,

Mohammed A. Elmahdy

APN e.Journal  N° 8 - Volume 2 2005

Death Anxiety in Palestinians during Al-Aqsa Intifada  (pdf   text)

Nahida Al- Arja APN e.Journal  N° 8 - Volume 2 2005
Marital satisfaction and Women’s Health (pdf   text) Cheour M, Ellouze F, Ellouze S, Hssairi A. APN e.Journal  N° 8 - Volume 2 2005
Annual treated psychopathological morbidity. Demographic and diagnostic features.  (pdf   text)

Adel Alzaye

Adel Sorour

APN e.Journal  N° 8 - Volume 2 2005
Adverse Effects and Iatrogenesis in Psychotherapy   (pdf   text)


APN e.Journal  N° 9 - Volume 3 2006

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