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Baghdad in December, 2 - 4, 2003

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q       Congress Program 


Scientific Information

Date:   2 -4  December 2003.

Venue:  Al – Rasheed  Hotel , Baghdad

Official language  :  English – Arabic.



1.       Addiction psychiatry. 

2.       Affective disorders.

3.       Child and Adolescent psychiatry.

4.       Psychopathology.

5.       Forensic psychiatry.

6.       Mental health economics.

7.       Old age psychiatry.

8.       Psychotherapy.

9.       Transcultural  psychiatry.

10.    Women's mental health.

11.    Emergency psychiatry.

12.    Consultation Liaison psychiatry.

13.    Psychiatry in the Arab world.

14.    Postgraduate training of psychiatry in the Arab world.

15.    Psychiatry and war.


Scientific Program Format:

1.       Plenary lectures.

2.       Oral sessions.

3.       Symposia.

4.       Workshops.

5.       Panel discussions.

6.       Round table discussions.

7.       Poster sessions.


Social Program

1.       Half-day tour to Babylon old city. Tour by limousine buses for 6 hours starting on 1pm from Baghdad to the old city of Babylon which is 120km far from Baghdad – Dec. 13, 2003

2.       Half-day tour – Samarra city. Tour by limousine buses for 6 hours starting on 1pm from Baghdad to the city of Samarra which is 120km far from Baghdad – Dec. 4, 2003

3.       Free tours in old traditional markets of Baghdad, Dec. 2, 2003


q       Committee


Executive Committee of the Federation of Arab Psychiatrists:

1.       Dr. Sa'ida Douki, President.

2.       Dr. Adel Sadek, Secretary General.

3.       Dr. Afaf Hamed Khalil.

4.       Dr. Abdul Razzaq AlHamad.

5.       Dr. Mehdi AlQahtani.

6.       Dr. Adnan Y. Tikriti.

7.       Dr. Said Abdel Azim.

8.       Dr. Adib Assali.

9.       Dr.Naser loza

10.    Dr.Yusri Abdul Mohsen

11.    Dr.Fathi touzri


q       Congress  Committees 


 Congress  Committees 

President of the congress /  Dr. Mudhaffer Z. Al-Qassim

Secretary General of the congress / Dr. Numan S. Ali


Scientific Committee:

1.       Dr. Abdul Munaf Al-Jadiry, Chairman.

2.       Dr. Riyadh Al-Azzawi.

3.       Dr. Numan S Ali

4.       Dr. Mehdi  Al-Taan.

5.       Dr Mohammed A. Al-Samarraie.

6.       Dr. Basil Al-Chaleby.

7.       Dr. Wail S. Areim


  Organising  Committee

1.       Dr. Mudaffer  Z. Al-Qassim , Chairman

2.       Dr. Numan S. Ali .

3.       Dr. Tariq F. Al-Kubaisy.

4.       Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Kureishi.

5.       Dr. Mufeed M. S. Raoof.

6.       Dr. Elham K. Al-Jammas.

7.       Dr. Hossein A. R. Mubarak.

8.       Dr. Maha S. Younis

9.       Dr. Al-Harith A. H. Hassan.

10.    Dr. Ali Mazied.

11.    Dr. Ali H. Rasheed.


q       Call For Papers


       The Scientific Committee is pleased to invite all interested colleagues to submit abstracts to the correspondence address before August 30, 2003.

 Preparation of abstracts:

      Abstracts are recommended to be typewritten on the Abstract Submission Form enclosed. Text should be typed in double spaced format within the indicated frame and not to exceed 150 words.


      Abstracts should include the following information:

         *  Objectives.

         *  Method.

         *  Results.

         *  Conclusion.

         *  References: no more than two references.


Proposal for Scientific Activities:

 If you intend to propose for symposia, panel discussions, round table discussion, workshops, or video presentations, please contact the Congress secretariat to receive necessary forms before July 31, 2003.


q       Registration


Registration: Please fill out the enclosed registration form and mail it before July 31, 2003 to the organizing committee.

Registration Fees: (In USD)

         Participants                          200

        Accompanying persons        150

        Students & Trainees             100

        Young psychiatrists              100


Registration fees covers:

1. Participation in all scientific activities, exhibitions, and social activities.

2. Congress kit.  

3. Coffee breaks, welcome reception, and closing ceremony.

Payment: Because of the present difficulties with the transfer of foreign currencies, all payments will be onsite.


Accommodation: The organising committee  has arranged appropriate reservations for accommodation, of the congress participants, in a number of five stars deluxe hotels at discounted rates.


N.B. please contact the congress secretariat for further details.


q       Correspondence Address


Postal address Iraqi society of psychiatrists. P.O Box 28260 Al-Karkh Post Office

 Baghdad – Iraq

Fax : 00-964-1-4257526

Telephone : 8176628, 8166651, 8178827

E-mail :


General Informations

 TRAVEL: Access to Baghdad by air four times a week from Amman, and every day from Damascus.

VISA: Recommended for all foreigners except Jordanian, Syrian, and Yemeni nationals.

CLIMATE: Climate of Baghdad in December is lightly cold, temperature is about 15 degrees celseus at night and 25 at day .


Letters Of Invitation:

 The organizing committee will be delighted to issue a formal letter of invitation for participants, upon request, to facilitate travel and visa. It does not entail any financial commitment from the congress organizing committee towards the participant.


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