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Vol. 14, N° 2, July (1991)\EPA.htm



q       Y.T. Rakhawy

q       Articles

§          Assessment of Psychosis in Schizophrenia and Affective Disorders by a Locally Constructed Rating Scale / A. Okasha, A. H. Khalil, M. H. Ghanem, M. R. El-Fiky and S. M. Effat

§          Schizophrenia and Affective Psychoses: II- A Polydiagnostic Approach / R. Mahfouz, M. Howiadi, M. H. El-Dafrawi, E. Hamdi and Yousrea Amin     

§          A Study of 13 Diagnostic Systems (Criteria) For Schizophrenia on an Egyptian Sample: Frequencies, Agreements and Validity / A. Okasha, W. Haggag, A. H. Khalil, M. H. Ghanem and M. Kamel

§          Bahrain Schizophrenia Screening Scale (BSSS): A New Self-Rating Questionnaire / M. Abdel - Mawgoud and N. AI-Khorazaty

§          Admission Outcome of Egyptian Schizophrenic Patients: A Retrospective Study after Five and Thirty Years / M. A. Owida, I. Yousef, M. R. El-Fiky, M. R. Abu-Auf, El -Madani and N. M. Mehasseb

§          Validation of PSE / CATEGO Computer Programme on Arabic Population / A. Okasha, A. Sadek and M. Abdel-Mawgoud

§          Late Luteal Phase Dysphoric Disorder: Do We Need Another Psychiatric Category? M. Hassib El-Defrawi, Galal Lotfy and R. Mahfouz

§          Comparative Study of the Effects of the Commonly Used Antidepressants on the Cardiovascular System /  El-Sayed Gad, Ekram Sadek and M. Madi

§          A Naturalistic Study of Neuroleptic Medicaüon Prescription in Egyptian Hospitalized Children and Adolescents / R. Mahfouz

§          Enuresis and Attention Deficit Disorder: A Possible Co-morbidity in Children / M. R. EL-Fiky, M.S. Abdul-Baqi and M.O. Sheta

§          Parental Reaction Towards Children Having Down's Syndrome / M. Kamel, M Ghanem, M. El-Sawi and S. Ashour

§          Patients' Subjective Experiences of Psychotropic Drugs: Can These Help Gaining New Insights into pharmacotherapy ? / R. Mahfouz

§          Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Bridging therapy: An Attempt Towards Paradiagmatic Shift in Nursing Research Nelly / A. Mahgoub

§         Psychological Aspects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome / O. Fathy, K. Ragheb, N. El-Kholy and A. Hawary

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 The Egyptian Journal of Psychiatry 14.2

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