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Vol. 15, N° 1, January (1992)\EPA.htm



q       Editor's Note

§          Cultural and Psychosocial Trends of Child Development in Egypt and the Arab World / M. S. Abdel- Gawad

§          Priorities and Cost-Benefit Approach to Psychiatric Research in Developing Countries: Is child abuse a relevant priority? / Y. Rakhawy

§          Familial Risk Factors in Substance Use Disorders / Naglaa. El- Mahallawi, Aida.S.El- Dawla

§          Psychiatric Clinics in Different Settings in Jordan / T. K. Daradkeh

§          Group Psychotherapy: A Newly Introduced Approach In Alexandria / Siham H. Rashed, and M. M. El- Gueneidy

§          Self-Esteem in a Psychotherapeutic Setting: A Comparison of Anxiety and Depressive Disorders / M. Arafa

§          A Reliability and Validity Study of a Rating Scale for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Egyptian Children and Adolescents / M. H. El-Defrawi, R. Mahfouz and L. Ragab

§          A Comparative Clinical and Psychometric Study of Phobic, Depressive and Anxiety Disorders / M. M. Ahmed

§          Naloxone as Antidote for Benzodiazepine: An Experimental and Clinical Study / Sanaa S. Salem and I. A. Ramadan

§          Tranylcypromine (MAOI) in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children / M.H. El- Defrawi

§          Thought Processes in Paranoid and Nonparanoid Schizophrenia / E. Hamdi and Nagat El-Nahrawi Correlates with Hyperkinesia in Children with Different Intelligence Levels / Sana S. Salem

§          The Utility of a Screening Instrument for Behavioral Problems of Children in Clinical and Community Samples / A. Zeitoun, Zienab A. S. Sarhan

§          The Handicapped Child: Current Concepts in Management and Rehabilitation / E. Breger

§          Social Phobia in an Arab Culture: The Impact of Sociocultural Factors / M. Arafa, M. AI-Khani, E. Hamdi, Yousseryia. A. M. H. El-Defrawi, Fatrna. A. Moussa

§         A Comparison of Hospital and Community Cases of Psychiatric Disorder: 1. Clinical Pattern and Socio- Demographic Characteristics / E. Hamdi

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 The Egyptian Journal of Psychiatry 15.1

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