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Vol. 15, N 2, July (1992)\EPA.htm



          latrogenic lllnesses / Mahmoud Sami - Abel - Gawad

          Level and Organization of consciousness / Y. FI-Rakhawy

          Substance Non-Medical Use Among Secondary School Students In Assiout City / A. Demerdash, A. Fathi, A.R. lbrahim, S.El Tohamy and S. Omran

          Vulnerability to Alcoholism: The Role of Parental Absence and Psychiatric Distress / E. Hamdi, H. Maseeh, E. El-Labbad and S. Galal El-Din

          Psychiatric Correlates of Malnutrition in Children Aged 9-11 years in Port - said City / Mohamed H. El Defrawi and Hesham F. El-Sayed

          Sexual Dysfunction in Patients with Major Affective Disorders / M. M. Ahmad and S. Ezz EL-Din Psychiatric Correlates of lnfertility / Mohamed H. El-Defrawi, Galal Lotfi

          Suicidal Behaviour in French and Egyptian Patients Admitted To A Psychiatric Hospital / A. El Rashidi Depressive Symptomatology In Preschool Children / O. Abdel Baki, S.Effat, M. Ghanem, N. EL-Mahallawy, E. Afify, A. Khalil

          Clinical Profile of Social Phobia in Saudi Patients / M. Arafa

          The Effect of An Activity Tberapy Program For Chronic Patients Within A Therapeutic Milieu. / R. Mahfouz, Zeinab Loutfi, M. Arafa, Enayat Abdel Wahab, M. Hassib El-Defrawi

          Outcome of Boufe Dlirante: A Retrospective Study / A. El-Rashidi and R. Hatem

          Psychiatric Problem of School-Age Children and Adolescents in a Child Psychiatry Clinic in Suez / M. H. El- Defrawi and R. Mahfouz

          A Culturally Derived Proverb Test Differentiating Thought Process Disorder in Schizophrenic Patients / E. Hamdi

          Perceived Parental Characteristics in Social Phobia Compared with Other Neurotic Disorders / M. Arafa, E. Hamdi, F. A. Moussa, S. Sayed, M. Ahmed and M. H. El. Defrawi

          Affective States in Attempted Suicide / Y. Amin, E. Hamdi, T. Mattar, M, Araf, M.M. Ahmed and Z. Sarhan

          Neurotic and Personality Characteristics of Duodenal Ulcer and Somatizing Patients / E. Hamdi., M.S. Gawad, S. Hunter, M. Arafa, Y. Amin, M.M. Ahmed, M. Askar and T. Abdel Gawad

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 The Egyptian Journal of Psychiatry 15.2



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