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Vol. 16, N° 1et 2, January – July  (1993)\EPA.htm



§          Bio-psycho-social Aspects of Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome (AIDS) / Mahmoud Sami AbdelGawad

§          Extended Concept of Perception. A Hypothesis Repairing Misconceptions and Misnomers Related to the Phenomenon / Y. El-Rakhawy

§          Vitamin Deficiency and Mental Health / M.T. Abou Saleh

§          Ego Function Assessment in Major Depressive Patients: An Egyptian Sample / R. Mahfouz, Amani El-Rashidi, M. Askar, Azza El-Bakry, R. Hatem

§          Effects of Maprotiline Nomifensine and Trazodone on Gamma Amino Butyric Acid Turnover in the Limbic System / M.S. AbdelHalim, A.H. AbdelFattah, S. AbdelHafize, S. Mahmoud, A. Okasha, K. Ragheb

§          Reaction of Psychiatric Patients to an Earthquake in Egypt / Y.T. Rakhawy, Amani El Rashidi, M. Askar, Azza El Bakry

§          Parent-Teacher Reliability in Rating Children on the 10-items Conners Rating Scale / T.K. Daradkeh

§          Assessment of Knowledge of Child Abuse in Suez Canal Area / M.H. El-Defrawi, A. Atef, Lamis Ragab, S.A. Sobhy

§          Depressive Illness in the Elderly Psychosocial and Demographic Study / Magda El-Khouly, S. El-Nagar, A. Hashem

§          Psychometric Evaluation of Alexithymia / M. Askar, A. Hashem, M. Riad, T. AbdelGawad, Ola Shaheen

§          Life Experiences and the Onset of Schizophrenia / Magda El-Khouly, A.R. Fawzy, M.H. El-Atrouny, S. El-Nagar, A. Hashem

§          Effect of Heroin Abuse on Pituitary-Gonadal Axis in Male Subjects / A. Hhashem, H. El-Orabi

§          Assessment of the Use of Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HRSD) in Egyptian Major Depressive Patients / Amani El Rashidi, Maha Wasfy, M. Askar, Azza El Bakry, A. Hashem

§          Prevalence of Premenstrual Syndrome in Medical Students. Impact on cognitive Functions / Nadia H. Rizkalla, A.M. Mishriky, M.H. El-Defrawi, T. Khattab

§          Cognitive Dysfunction in Tardive  Dyskinesia / Seham Rashed, A. El-Sheshai, El-Hammamy

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 The Egyptian Journal of Psychiatry 16.1-2

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