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Vol. 18, N° 1, January (1995)\EPA.htm



§          Hormones in Relation to Female Psychiatric Disorders (Part II) / Mahmoud Sami Abdel Gawad

§          Insights in the History and Concept of Madness in Arabic (and Islamic) Language, Culture and Literature Part 1: Inspiration from Arabic Language. / Y. El-Rakhawy

§          Maternity Blues. Psychometric Approach. / M. M. Ahmed, Sanaa S. Salem, Khadiga Rhageb, Ola Shaheen and M. Askar

§          Psychological and Psychiatric Aspects of Turner Syndrome: Genotypic or Environmental Effects? / Samia Temtamy, Trandil El-Guindi, E. El -Guindi, M.R. Raslan, M. El- Bartrawy, Azza El-Bakry, and Y. Gaffer

§          Psychiatric and Behavioral Problems of Non Reffered Preschoolers (aged 3-6) in Nurseries in Ismailia /  M. Hassib El-Defrawi, Amina M. Abdel Wahab, A. Atef and Mona, A. Abdel-Hady.

§          Admission of Hysteria in the Department of Psychiatry in AI-Thawra Hospital, Sanaa. / A. H. AI-Eryani Elective Mutism of Childhood: Selective Non-Communication. / E. Breger

§          Comorbidity of Anxiety and Depressive Disorders in Psychiatric Outpatients. / E. Hamdi, A. Hashem, and M. Askar, and Nadia El-Fangary

§          Psychological Impact of Rheumatic Heart Disease on Affected Children and Their Mothers. / Fardous Abdel-Aal, M.A. Eissa and Nawal M. Soliman

§          Genetic Aspects of Mood Disorders. / A. Demerdash, Samia El Temtamy, Laila El Moussely, Khadiga Ragheb, and Reda Ismail

§          A Study of Long Stay Psychiatric In-Patients: Assessment of Disabilities and a Plea for Discharge. / M. El Batrawi

§          Patterns of Recurrence in Mood Disorders. A Clinical Study in Upper Egypt. / MA. Eissa

§          Prevalence of Tardive Dyskinesia in a Group of Young Institutionalized Retarded Subjects. / M.El Batrawi, Zobaida El Phil, O. El-Khalidy

§          Mental Health Services in Bahrain. Current Structure and Future Directions. / M.K. Haddad and Charlotte Kwnel

§          Psychosexual Impact of Female Circumcision. / G. Lotfy, M. Hassib El- Defrawi

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