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Vol. 18, N° 2, July (1995)\EPA.htm



§          The Golden Anniversary of Kasr AI-Aini Psychiatric Department (1945-1995) / Mahmoud Sami Abdel Gawad.

§          Insights in the History and Concept and Madness in Arabic History and Literature (Part II) Inspiration from Proverbs, History and Literature / Y.T. Rakhawy.

§          Prevalence of Some Psychiatric Symptoms in Adolescent Students in Assiut / A.F. El. Sherbini, Kawther A.M. Fadel, M.A.Eissa,

§          Psychological and Obstetrical Responses of Mothers following Prenatal Foetal Sex Determination / S.M. Abol-Oyoun, H.N. Ahmed, M.A. Eissa and H. Salah

§          Application of GHQ-28 and MMSE in Bilharzial Patients with and without Hepatic Complications / M.El- Batrawi,Shahinaz.I.Mekheimar, Zeinab Sarhan, Laila Kamel, Sanaa. A. Kamal, Azza El-Bakry

§          Assessment of Length of Stay in a Psychiatric Unit / M.El-Batrawi, A.Akram, M.M.Raslan, Z. Halim, Souad Moussa, Shahinaz Mekheimer, Ola Shaheen

§          Strategies for Reducing Uncertainty and Stress of chronic Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients / Nefissa M. Abd. El-Kader, Zeinab. A. Osman, Enayat A. Khalil, Sayeda A. Abd El-Latif

§          Factitious Haematuria in a 12 Year Old Boy / E. Berger

§          Urea Kinetic Modelling in Relation to Psychiatric Presentation in Haemodialysis Patients / M. A. Ibrahim, M. Ghanem, M. Abdel Ghani, S. Barakat, W.El-Said.

§          Sexual Dysfunction in Relation to Dialysis Adequacy in Haemodialysis Patients / M.A. Ibrahim, M. Ghanem, S. Barakat, M. Abdel Ghani, W. El Said.

§          Review Article: New Approaches in Psychoimmunology / M. Shaarawy

§          Are Schizophrenic Men and Women Similar or Dissimilar? / T.K. Daradkeh, Lina Karim

§          Psychosocial and Occupational Stressors among Workers in Petroleum Industry / T.M.S.A. Gawad, G.H. El- Samra, A.N. Abu Aly, M.A. Moneim

§          Onset and Prodroma of Psychosis: Descriptive Study of a Group of Egyptian Patients / M. M. Abdul Wahab, Khadiga M. Ragheeb, A.Abdul Latif, Z. Halim, Souad Mousa, M. Y. El-Rakhawy

§          Letter to the Editor : Siow- late Assimilation of Therapeutic Messages in Management of Addicts / Ehab El Karrat

§          Psychiatric and Behavioral Problems of Primary School Children in Ismailia. Relationship to Academic Achievement / M. Hassib El-Defrawi, S.A. Sabhy, A.Atef, Sahar Aly Abdel-Khalik

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 The Egyptian Journal of Psychiatry 18.2

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