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Vol. 20, N° 2, July (1997)\EPA.htm



§          Al-Baltagah (Delinquency) Psycho-social problem / Mahmoud S. Abdel Gawad

§          Terrorism and identity diffusion / Y.T. Rakhawy

§          Anxiety, Depression, Somatization and Psychiatric Morbidity in Rural Minia / Hanaa Soliman, R. Sadek, R. Mahfouz

§          Te Relationship between the Educational Standard and Psychiatric Disorders. / M. H. Bahri,  A. K. Wilson.

§          A Systematic Study of Axis-Il Diagnosis and Coping Style in Panic Disorder. / Wafaa E. Haggag.

§          Prodromal Phase of Relapse in Schizophrenia. / R. Mahfouz, Safia Ali Tohamy, W. Abd El- Nasser, H.M. Azab.

§          Concreteness in Schizophrenia and Normal Subjects: A Psychophysiological Approach. / Hanaa Solirnan and M. M. Ibrahim

§          Psychosocial Correlates of Language-Delayed Children: An Egyptian Study. / Souad Moussa, A. Abul Ezz.

§          Cross-Sectional Stud of Psychiatric Disorders in Pediatric Outpatient Clinic /  A.M. Khashaba, M. Sahloul,   Ahmed A.A., Abd El- Latif, R.R. and Elsayd L.M.

§          Psychiatric Disorders in a. Sample of Egyptian Preschool Children. / M. H. El-Defrawi.

§          Parent-Child Interactions and Child Abuse in Rural and Urban Population Samples in Ismailia, Port-Said and Suez Governorates. / M. H. El-Defrawi, A. Atef, Lamis. Ragab, S. A. Sobhy.

§          Cognitive (IQ, Academic Achievement) and Non-Cognitive (Anxiety and Depression) Functioning in Children Treated with Cranial Irradiation for Acute Leukemia. / Olweya M. Abdel Baky, Afaf H. Khalil, Galila M. Mokhtar.

§          Assessment of the Levels of WBC and Lymphocyte Subsets in Major Depressive Disorder / Rafik R. Abd El-Latif, Ahmed B.E. Abd Allah, Mona A. Shalaby and Manal M. AI-Amin

§          Stress, Type A Personality and Coronary Heart Diseases. / F. A Maklady, M.H. El-Defrawi, A. El-Hawary, S.A. Sobhy.

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