,October 2000, Eighth Issue , Vol. I, N°. VIII.












The renowned Pakistani Psychiatrist and Scholar, Professor DR. Rashid Chaudhry passed away Sunday August the 13th 2000 in Lahore of a heart attack.

  Chaudhry had occupied several teaching positions in psychiatry and is considered the founding father of Pakistani Psychiatry.

  A scholar in both Psychiatry and Muslim civilizations Chaudhry championed cross cultural and transcultural psychiatric studies and attempted to bridge the misconception gaps between Islam and Psychiatry. He was the second President of the World Islamic Association for Mental Health 1995 – 1999.

  Chaudhry was a strong believer in the intrinsic values of Islam and the Islamic civilization. He argued that present day Muslims could only hope to optimize their mental health and pull out of their backwardness and under development by truly embodying the spirit and values of Islam. Chaudhry was also a strong supporter of inter-Muslim cooperation. Working with doctor Osama Al Rady, Gamal Abou El Azayem, and Omar Shaheen, Professor Chaudhry continued to peruse his dream of establishing the World Islamic Association for Mental health. And never dies the dream. We believe he had succeeded and his dream had finally come true. The World Islamic Association for Mental Health finally took off the ground. Its First International Congress was held December 1985, in Lahore Pakistan. It was inaugurated by the late President of Pakistan Diaa Al Haq.

  Losing Prof. Muhammad Rashid Chaudhry is truly a misfortune. Pakistani Psychiatry and the World Islamic Association for Mental Health will not be the same.

  Prof. Chaudhry was an interesting fellow. He had done a lot in his life, went to many places. He had a lot of psychiatric knowledge, which he didn’t hesitate sharing with his students. He had distinguished disciples who are now being acknowledged as authority in the field of International Psychiatry. In the word of one of his distinguished disciples “ Having him as a Professor of Psychiatry was a privilege for students. I wish by the time I would be his age I would know one tenth of what he knew. He was a living encyclopedia. He was one of the most effective Professors of Psychiatry in Pakistan and he was sweet and kind hearted. He taught me how to love Psychiatry.”

  Throughout his distinguished career he had become an authority. He is referenced (notably in International Psychiatric sources) as Pakistan’s Leading Psychiatrist; his uncollected contributions of the past four decades in International Psychiatric Congresses make up according to a recent issue of World Psychiatry a “ Splendid Corpus” in the Worlds of Pakistani and Islamic Psychiatry, Prof. Chaudhry’s name is a name that is synonymous with excellence.

  Few pleasures could be comparable to a long and leisurely lunch with Prof. Chaudhry whose vast knowledge was lightly worn and willingly shared. His conversation sparkled, the shafts of light illuminating a vast array of subjects. We last saw him in Cairo last April 2000 when we attended a lunch hosted by Professor Omar Shaheen. In his charming high voice he had frequently tried to point out to us the importance of the future of WIAMH.

  Pakistan’s most delightful psychiatrist, and one of the World’s most accomplished Mental Health workers is now gone, sadly. But with his passing WIAMH (his brain child) which he co-founded with his colleagues, will continue to deliver his message of Islam and Mental Health.



In the previous newsletter we devoted the whole issue to discuss the impact of the “Film Rules of Engagement” on the mental health of Arabs and Muslims in America and the whole World.

 On behalf of WIAMH and its President Professor Omar Shaheen, the Secretariat General of WIAMH sent a following letter to Paramount (the producer of this film).



Dear Sir,

  I am talking the liberty of introducing myself to you. I am Professor Dr. Farouk El Sendiony the Secretary of the World Islamic Association for Mental Health, which is concerned with the mental health of the Muslims the World Over. I would like to register my cognitive dissonance to your film “Rules of Engagement” which portrays Arab Muslims as bloodthirsty terrorists. The film vilifies and demonizes whatever is Arab or Muslim.

  It is Damaging to the Arab Americans and Muslims in the US who already face enormous obstacles due to stereotyping and misrepresentation by the popular media.

  This situation continues to hurt and marginalize Arab and Muslim citizens of the United States.

  We protest this film because it dehumanizes Arab and Muslims.

This film harms Arab American and Muslim children, who already struggle with prejudice and stereotyping on an enormous scale.

 You cannot continue to make money off racism.

  On Behalf of the WIAMH and its President Professor Omar Shaheen, I would like to protest this blatant kind of racism.


Farouk El Sendioy

Secretary General of WIAMH



  Dr. Abo Bakr Badahdah previously suggested that Eden would be the venue of next WIAMH Congress. This was confirmed by Mr. Abd Al Razak Gamal Badawy Chief Psychological councilor in the department of Education in Jeddah in a meeting with the Secretary General Dr. Farouk Sendiony. In this meeting, which was held last August, Mr. Abd Al Razak said that they have officially applied for approval to hold this Congress to the official authorities. Mr. Abd Al Razak also added that they are expecting the approval to come very soon.

  We will notify WIAMH members of the timing of the Congress as soon as the final approval comes through. Should you have a topic of interest to be discussed in this congress please notify us.

  Mr. Abd Al Razak also suggested that we translate WIAMH Newsletter into Arabic. We will do that in the near future.


 There will be a conference coming in Tehran, 16-19 April 2001 entitled “Religion and Mental Health”. If you need information on this congress you may contact Dr. Jafar Bolhari, MD at

 Dr. Syed Arshad Hussein President elect of WIAMH, His Work on Psychology of Trauma

 Dr. Hussein has been busy with Trauma Centers Work. Since our last meeting in Tuzla, He has been twice to Gjakova (November 1999 and March 2000) and twice to Pakistan (November 1999and March 2000). He has also been to Tuzla in March 2000 where he trained one hundred Imams and teachers of Madrasahs. He will send the Secretariat a full report once it is ready. Dr. Arshad has to be commended for his pioneer efforts in the field of International Psychology of Trauma


  We received this message from Befrienders International who are collaborating with Oxford University on a study related to suicide and the media through Mrs. Tilly Mulder the ex-director of Befrienders Cairo.

Befrienders International []

Sent: donderdag 29 juni 2000 17:01

To: Margaret Wright; Tilly Mulder

Subject: re: a study related to suicide and media  

 Dear Margaret and Tilly,   

 Greetings from the Central Office of Befrienders International!  Befrienders International is currently collaborating with Oxford University on a study related to suicide and the media in the international context. The person carrying out preliminary research for this project would like to make contact with either mental health professionals or researchers in with an interest in the study of suicide. They need not have been involved in studies related to the media. We would, therefore, be very grateful for any contacts (particularly email addresses) you may be able to provide to us. The researcher would then make contact directly with them.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

 Very best wishes  

 Sandra Hawke Director of Operations        

 Befrienders International 26-27 Market Place Kingston Upon Thames Surrey KT1 1JH United Kingdom  Tel: ++44 (0) 20 8541 4949 Fax: ++44 (0) 20 8549 1544 email: website:   Befrienders International is an NGO in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations    


 Members of WIAMH who are interested in this field are kindly requested to contact Befrienders International at