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شبكـة العلوم النفسية العربية


          Chairman of the Journal Board


Editor in Chief

Prof Yahia Ownalla Younis

Associate Editor

Abdallah Abdelrahman

Assistant Editor

Bella Abu Sineina

Editorial Board



Abdelrahman Abu doam

Salah Eldein M. A. Haroun

Diaa Eldin Elgaili

Fatelalim Mohammed Abdelrahim

Abdel Kareem Ahmed Osman

Osman Abdu

Abdenlaziz Ahmed Omer

Abdel Ghani Elsheikh Abdelghani

Elsheikh Sedig Badr

Nour Elhouda .M. Elshafaei

Alzain Abass Omara

Ahmed Osman Siraj

Hamed Ibrahim

Abdel Gadir Hussain

Kamil Mirghani


Advisory Board

Sheilkh Idriss Abdelrahim (KSA)

Sawsan Awad Elkareem (Canada)
Mohamed Abde Alim (Qatar)
Omer Rufai (UAE)
Abu Elgasim Saad (Sudan)
Ibrahim Omer Awad (Sudan)
Tigani Adam Hammad (UK)
Christopher Zabo (South Africa)
David ndette (Kenya)
Driss Moussaoui (Morocco)
Norman Sartorious ( Switzerland)


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Vol. 4, N° 2, August

Vol. 4, N° 3, December


q       Not to Contributors


The sudanese Journal Of Psychiatry (SPJ) is published every four months by the Sudanese Association of Psychiatrists under the auspices of the Sudan Medical Association.

The Journal publishes original peer reviewed papers, review articles, case reports and material related to psychiatric services delivery.

Authors are expected to have had clearance from the ethical committees and other regulatory bodies in their respective places for publishing their material.

Manuscripts should be prepared in a doubled space typed-written size A4 paper. The article should include the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Method Result, Discussion, Conclusion and references. There copies should be submitted with original.

The journal is published in English but Arabic articles are accepted.

Each paper or article should have an abstract or summary in both English and Arabic.

Authors should follow international agreed rule for nomenclature and abbreviations.

referencing should follow the vancouver style (Giving a number to the reference in the text and at the end list references in sequence of their appearance in the text.

Publication of the article does not imply the journal's or editor's agreement with statements or opinions expressed there in; authors take responsibility for these and for accuracy of references.


q       Address of correspondence


Mailing address : THE Sudanese Journal of psychiatry


                                  Email :

                                  Web Site

                                  Tel: +249 155 232940

                                   Fax: +249 1555 3495

                                  P.O Box: 943, Tigani Al Mahdi Hospital, Omdurman: khartoum, Sudan


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Sudanese Journal Of Psychiatry

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