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Informatics, Internet in Psychiatry /   الطب النفسـي والمعلوماتية/  Informatique, Internet en Psychiatrie


Web Psy Sites


CHID Online: The Combined Health Information Database

Computerized Psychotherapy

Computers in Mental Health

Computers in Mental Health - InterPsych Forum CIMH



Future of the Internet

Holistic Internet Community

The International Society for Mental Health Online

An Internet Guide for the Health Professional

Internet Health Guide

Internet Organizations (Mental Health)


R.D. Laing Web Site

Mental Health Net

Mental Health Internet Links Page

Internet Mental Health

David Sommers' Mental Health Cyber-Clinic

Social Science Data on the Internet


The New Social Worker Online

SOLUTION Mailing List

Assessing the Potential of Online Therapy

Computer Addiction: What Is It?

Computer Applications in Mental Health Conference

Computer-Assisted Diagnostic Interview

Computer Coverage Nets Capacity Crowd

Computer Speech Recognition in Psychiatry

Computer Voice Dictation for Mental Health Professionals

Defining Your Needs Is a Good Place to Start

Computers In Mental Health (CIMH)

Mental Health Net


Internet Mental Health Resources (free-net)


ThePsych: The Internet Psychology Resource

Psychiatry on the Internet

Multimedia Lab

Tall Tree Software PsychDiagnoser

New England Medical Center Telepsychiatry

Software Information and Reviews

Internet Link

WebPsych Partnership

Wellness Interactive Network

Cognitive Science Internet Resources - Brown University - Rhode Island

Disability Resources on the Internet

Internet Resources for Physical Loss, Chronic Illness, and Bereavement

Statistical and data analysis software (shareware)

Prevention Information

Self Help Information

Self-Help and Recovery News Groups

Computers & Psychiatry  

email subscription or even as a Usenet

Netnews group instead of by direct browsing of the archives.

Internet and Computer Addictions

Internet addiction signs and Symptoms

The Costs and Benefits of 'Computer Addiction'See

Confessions of an internet addict for one woman's story.

Addiction to Computers: Virtual Communities and the Individual

NIH Clinical Guideline (

Delights and Dangers of the Internet

Exploring Psychotherapy on the Internet

Gearing Up for Y2K

Help! There's a Strange Machine in My Office!

Information and Psychiatry: Digitizing the World

The Internet and MEDLINE

Life Support for Confidentiality in the Electronic Database

Physician Fills Niche With Self-Administered Psychotherapy Programs

Physician's Online On Target

Psychiatric Informatics: Exploring Myths and Barriers

Sexual Predator Ruling Raises Ethical, Moral Dilemma

Status of Nation's Health Care Industry in Y2K

Symptom-Driven Diagnostic Software for Primary Care Physicians

Can Telepsychiatry Pay Its Own Way?

The Web as Resource for the Clinician

What's Available On-Line for Mental Health Professionals?

The Year 2000 and the Medical Office: Diagnosis and Prognosis

Liens Psy   / ارتباطــات / Psy Links

شبكـة العلـوم النفسيـة العربيـة



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