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Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis /  علاجنفسـي و تحليلنفسـي/ Psychothérapie et Psychanalyse


Web Psy Sites


Psychanalyse  (Site en espagnol)

Association Internationale d'Histoire de la Psychanalyse

American Academy of Psychotherapists

American Art Therapy Association

American Association of  Psychotherapists

American Journal of Psychotherapy

The American Psychoanalyst

American Psychoanalytic Association

The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Art as a Healing Force

Art Therapy in Canada

Asociacion de Psicoterapia Analytica Grupal

Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences

Bay Area Therapists Directory

Behavioral HealthCare Meeting, Organization and Resource

Behavioral Statistics

Behaviorism: Skinner and Dennett

Behavior Therapy

Behavioral Therapy for Cancer Pain

Behaviour OnLine


British Confederation of Psychotherpists

Building a Therapeutic Partnership Between Doctor and Patient

Centre for Research in Psychotherapy  (Italy)

Chicago Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology

Client-Centred Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

The Cognitive Therapy Center of Brooklyn

Community Therapy

The Company Therapist

Counseling and Nature: The Greening of Psychotherapy

Creative Arts Therapy Cyberjournal


Cyber-Psychotherapy Survey

Drama Therapy

The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy: The Consumer Reports

Ego (Freud's Division of the Mind)


European Health Psychology Society

The Existential Psychotherapy Site

Family Resource Online

Focussed Action Therapy (FACT)

Forum Psychotherapie


Group Psychotherapy


Institute for Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy of New Jersey

Integration of Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy

Interaction of Type of Psychotherapy and Type of Patient: A

International Association of Group Psychotherapy

International Psychoanalytical Association

International Society for Psychophysics

The International Transactional Analysis Association

Italian Psychoanalytic Society

Jung, C.G.

Klein, Melanie

Lacan, J


Mastering Stress

Multicultural Counseling and Psychotherapy Survey

National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists

The National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists - NBCCH

National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare

Natural Medicine, Complementary Health Care, and Alternative Therapies

Narrative Psychology/Therapy

New York Psychotherapy Collective

Network: Newsletter for the Society of Psychotherapy Research

Newsletter of the Society for Psychotherapy Research U.K

Northern Ireland Group For Art As Therapy (NIGAT)

Oedipus Complex

The Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies

The Mental Health Bookshop from the Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies

Personal Construct Therapy

The Canadian Play Therapy Institute

Positive Reinforcement

The Primal Psychotherapy Page

Progress: Family Systems Research and Therapy

Soulful Psychotherapy

Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute

Southwest Psychotherapy Associates

Special Equestrian Riding Therapy, Inc.

Stress Management

Our List of Resources for Help - Ask a question online, lists of online therapists, search for a therapist

Psychoanalytic Studies (Distance Education)

Psychodramatic Methods in Psychotherapy

Psychodrama Research

Le goût de la psychanalyse

San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute and Society

Stress Management and Emotional Wellness

Subliminal Self-help Tapes: Promises, Promises


Support Coalition

Support for Support Persons

Symbolisms in Dreams

Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare Home Page

Leopold Szondi Forum

Talk Therapy Revisited: Reflections of a Physicist

Tennessee Association for Behavior Analysis

Texas Association for Play Therapy

Therapeutic Learning Program

Be Your Own Therapist


Therapeutic Adventure Web Site (Adventure Therapy)

Therapist Directory (US)

The Therapy Corner

Therapy Guide

Therapy Models

Thought Field Therapy in the UK


Transactional Analysis

Transference as an Interactive Field

UK Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Behavioral Health Online

Psychotherapy and Cancer Survival (Harvard Mental Health Letter, June 1990)

Behavioral Healthcare Resources


Turning Point Online Counseling

Conscious Choices

Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies

Psychotherapy Finances Home Page

SEPI - Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration

Transformational Processing

Child & Adolescent Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy Web Page

Counselor Link

International Hypnosis Hall of Fame

Liberation Psychotherapy Homepage

Silvan S. Tomkins Institute

Urban Education Web

Verbal and Emotional Abuse in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

World Council of Psychotherapy

The World Council for Psychotherapy

Robert M. Young - Online Archive

Psyche (On consciousness)

Behavior Analysis List Server Information

Behavior Therapy (Harvard Mental Health Letter, Dec. 1990, Jan. 1991)

Cognitive Therapy (Harvard Mental Health Letter, Aug./Sept. 1989)

Cognitive Therapy and Panic Attacks (Harvard Mental Health Letter, Nov. 1994)

Decline of Intensive Psychotherapy (Harvard Mental Health Letter, Aug. 1990)

Family Therapy (Harvard Mental Health Letter, Apr., May 1988)

How Does Cognitive Therapy Work? (Harvard Mental Health Letter, June 1997)

Long-Term Psychotherapy Is Highly Effective: The Consumer Reports Study (Harvard Mental Health Letter, July 1996)




e-therapy   o 

Analytic vs. Dynamic Psychotherapy in the Era of Managed Care

Caring for the Physician in Couples Therapy

Commentary: Against Biologic Psychiatry

Commentary Psychotherapy Perspectives in Medication Management

Dynamically Based Psychotherapy: A Contemporary Overview

Empirical Studies Validate Prominence of Unconscious Processes

Expressive Therapy Institute Expands on the Work of Her Famous Father

How AA and Psychotherapy Can Work Together

The Impact of Psychotherapy on the Brain

Intrapsychic Focus Can Have Lasting Benefits for Patients

A Legacy Enhanced: Natalie Rogers' Person-Centered

From Mars to Venus-Couples Sex Therapy

Practical Questions Beginning Psychotherapy

Psychoanalysis and Couple Therapy

Psychoanalytic Method and the Mischief of Freud-Bashers

Psychotherapy Strategies and the Chronically Suicidal Patient

Psychotherapy with Opioid-Dependent Patients

Psychotherapy  Training in Residency Programs in Demand and in Peril

Recognizing Resistance in the Therapeutic Environment

Severity of Trauma Among Refugee Psychiatric Patients

The Supportive Component of Psychotherapy

Liens Psy   / ارتباطــات / Psy Links

شبكـة العلـوم النفسيـة العربيـة


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