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Pr. OKASHA Ahmed

Curriculum Vitae


Personal Curriculum / Curriculum Personnel


City / Country : Cairo / Egypt

Nationality : Egyptian

P.mail :  Shawarby Street    Kasr El Nil,  Cairo,    EGYPT , 3

Scientific Curriculum / Curriculum Scientifique

Professor of Psychiatry, Founder and honorary Chairman- Institute of Psychiatry

Director of WHO Collaborating Center for research and mental health

Faculty of medicine ain shams university

President-Elect of World Psychiatric Association


Speciality / Spcialit  

         Psychiatry / Psychiatrie /

  Scientific titles / Titres scientifiques

q       Editorial Posts :

          Founder and Honorary Editor of the Egyptian Journal of Psychiatry  

          Chief of Board of Journal of Current Psychiatry, Cairo - Egypt  


q       Editorial Board Member of:


          Current Opinion in Psychiatry, official journal of World Psychiatric Association  

          British Journal of Psychiatry (UK)  

          LEncphale (France)

          Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery

          Journal of Psychiatry, Neurology and Brain Research (Germany)

          American Medical Association Middle East Journal (Psychiatry & Neurology)  

          Arab Journal of Psychiatry (Jordan)  

          Psicophathologica (Spain)

          Russian Journal of Psychiatry (Russia)  

          Italian Journal of Psychiatry (Italy)

          Journal of Arab Psychiatry (France)  

          Focus on OCD (International Council of OCD - UK)


Membership of societies / Membre des Associations

q       World Psychiatric Association Positions and Activities since 1981  

          President -Elect of World Psychiatric Association

          World Psychiatric Association Positions and Activities since 1981  

          President -Elect of World Psychiatric Association 1999 present  

          Member of the Executive Committee of the WPA 1993 present

          Secretary for Sections, World Psychiatric Association  1993 1999

          Chairman of Ethics' Committee of WPA 1993 1999

          Chairman, WPA Taskforce on Neuroscience and Psychiatry  1996 1999

          Committee Member of the WPA 1981 1993

          Chairperson of Section of Public Policy and Psychiatry 1993 1996

          Member of Board of Directors of WPA Foundation 1994 present

          Member of the Long Range Planning Committee 1993 1996  

          Member of WPA Taskforce for core curriculum in psychiatry   1994 present  

          Member of the Committee of WPA program of destigmatization of schizophrenia   1998 present

          Honorary Member of World Psychiatric Association   1990 present

          Member of Fellowship Committee for the 11th World Congress of Psychiatry   1997 present

          Member of WPA Section of Psychopathology   1993 present

          Member of WPA Section of Classification and Nomenclature of Mental Disorders 1993 present

          Honorary Member of WPA Section of History and Psychiatry 1993 present


q       World Health Organization Positions and Activities 

          Consultant and Expert in WHO - Geneva  1981 present

          Director, WHO Collaborating Center for Research and Training in Mental Health, in Cairo  1990 present

          Director of the ICD-10 Field Trials in the East Mediterranean Region 1986 present

          Member of the Advisory Board of ICD - 10 , Geneva 1996 present


q       National and International Positions and Activities

          President of the Egyptian Psychiatric Association  1981 present  

          President of the Franco-Egyptian Psychiatric Association  1986 present  

          President of the Biological Psychiatry Section of the Egyptian Psychiatric Association, World Federation of  Biological Psychiatry   1989 present

          Vice President of the African Psychiatric Association  1996 present

          Vice President of the International Academy of Psychotherapy and Behavioral Medicine, Texas 1996 present

          President of the Arab Federation of Psychiatrists  1993 1996  

          Member of the High Court of Ethics - Egypt  1990 1993

          Member of the Scientific Committee of the Higher Council for Addressing Narcotics in Egypt   1992 present

          Chairperson, Arab Chapter of Prevention and Treatment of Depression (PTD)  1996 present

          Consultant to H/E the Egyptian Minister of Justice in Forensic Psychiatry 1984 1996

          Member of International Council of OCD  1993 present

          Board of Advisors - Gaza Community Mental Health Program - Gaza  1993 present



          Member of the Royal College of Physicians (Edin.) (1963)

          Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (London) (1973)

          Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (Edin.) (1974)

          Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (London) (1974)

          Fellow of the French Psychiatric Association

          Corresponding Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (1983)  


Psy Books (Keywords and summary) / Livres Psy

Contributions and editing in International Books

1. Suicide in Asia and the Middle East (California Press),1983  

  2. International Classification of Psychiatric Disorders (Cambridge Press),1990  

  3. International Review of Psychiatry series (American Press),1993

  4. Contributor to: Interpersonal Factors in the Origin and Course of Affective Disorders. Eds. Ch. Mundt,  MJ  Goldstein, K Hahlweg and P Fielder. Gaskell Academic Series. The Royal College of Psychiatrists. UK, 1996.

  5. Al-Junun: Mental Illness in the Islamic World (In press, Oxford Press)

  6. Somatoform disorders, (Somatoform in the Arab World) Springer 1999  

  7. Prevention of Psychiatry (Deontological Mistakes in the Ethics of Psychiatry) Elsevier  

  8. Evidence & Experience in Psychiatry Depressive disorders - John Wiley & Sons

  9. Evidence & Experience in Psychiatry Schizophrenia - John Wiley & Sons

 10. Co-editor Evidence & Experience in Psychiatry Obsessive Compulsive John Wiley & Sons

 11. Co-editor of  ICD-10  Case Books, American Psychiatric Press, 1996

 12. Editor Ethics, Culture & Psychiatry, American Psychiatric Press In Press end 1999

 13. Century of Psychiatry (1999), ed. Hugh Freeman. A chapter on the History of the WPA

 14. Editor of Images in Psychiatry- The Arab World WPA Series, John Wiley & sons (In Press).


Papers (Keywords and summary) / Publications et communications

    Supervised 71 MD theses and 139 Master theses, Published more than 250 original articles in national and   international journals, Author of 17 books in the fields of psychiatry and psychology in both Arabic and English, including two textbooks in Arabic and English.


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Pr. Okasha Ahmed CV



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