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Curriculum Vitae


Personal Curriculum / Curriculum Personnel


Nationality : U.S. citizen since 1970

P.mail : 320 Timber Blvd., Lebanon


Scientific Curriculum / Curriculum Scientifique


Speciality / Spcialit

         Psychology / Psychologie

Professional activity / Activit professionnelle  

q       EDUCATION :

          Secondary School Certificate Part 1, C.M.S. School, Old Cairo, Egypt, 1942.

          Higher Level School Certificate, Part Il, Lincoln School, Cairo, Egypt 1943.

          B.A. (Social Science), Faculty of Arts & Sciences, American University, Cairo 1947.

          B.A. (Psychology), Faculty of Education, American University at Cairo, 1950.

          M.S. (Counseling) University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1952.

          Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, 1966



          Staff Psychologist, VA Medical Center, Lebanon, PA 17042

          Director of Training, Woodville State Hospital, Carnegie, PA 15106

          Director of Psychology, Dixmont State Hospital, Sewickley, PA 15143

          Lecturer of Psychology, Penn State University, New Kensington, PA 1973-

          Associate Professor of Psychology, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, 1966-1970

          Counselor, University of Kentucky Counseling Center, Lexington, KY, 1964-1966

          Clinical Psychology Trainee, Fairfield Hills Hospital, Newtown, CN, 1963-1964

          Teaching Assistant, Psychology Department, University of Kentucky, 1960-1963

          Assistant Professor of Psychology, American University at Cairo, 1955-1960

          Acting Director, Division of Extension, American University at Cairo, 1958-1959

          Instructor of Psychology, College of Arts, Baghdad, Iraq, 1952-1954

          Teacher of Social Studies, AI-Ummah College, Jerusalem, Palestine, 1947-1948

          LICENSED to practice clinical psychology in Pennsylvania # PS001019.


  Scientific titles / Titres scientifiques

q       HONORS :

         Fullbright Travel Grant, University of Pennsylvania, 1950-1952

         Danforth Faundation Scholarship, University of Kentucky 1961-1962.


Membership of societies / Membre des Associations


          American Psychological Association, 1961 ta the present time.

          Southern Society of Philosophy and Psychology, 1970

  • Member of Division One of APA


Scientifics Interests / Intrts Scientifiques


Designs, implements, and monitors clinical programs for VA hospital psychiatric admissions on two wards for a total of under 50 patients. Administers and interprets psychological tests. Provides on-going psychological interpretation of the Luria, the Halstead-Reitant  WAIS, MMPI, MCMI, and Rorschach. Provides seminars on selected topics to hospital staff, and to psychology  trainees.


Papers (Keywords and summary) / Publications et communications

q       PUBLICATIONS :                            

          In Arabic

1.       Counseling and psyr-hotherapy, Journal of Modern Education, Cairo, April, 1957.

2.       Experiments on animal and human children, Journal of Modern Education, Cairo, December, 1957.

3.       Socio-economic status and intelligence tests, Journal of Modern Education, Cairo, April, 1958.

4.       History of method in psychology, Journal of Modern Education, Cairo, Apri4 1958.

5.       Attitude of teachers towards behavior problems, Hayatak, December, 1958.

6.       Self-induced failure, Hayatak, March, 1958.

7.       Fromms productive personality, Hayatak, May, 1958.

8.       Effects of success and failure on levels of aspiration, Hayatak, July 1958.

9.       Identification and care for the gifted, Hayatal,, October, 1958 A study of leadership, Havatak, June, 1959.

10.    The human person in mental illness, Havatak, September, 1959.

11.    Psychological effects of color, Kafelat EI-Zeit, Dammam, S.A., Sept. 1959.

12.    Skinner and the teaching machine, Journal of Modern Rducation, Cairo, April, 1961.

13.    Stride for freedom (M.L. King), Book Review, AI-Ulum, Beirut, August 1959.

14.    Man's search for himself (R. May),Book review, AI-Adab, Beirut, Oct. 1961.

          In English

1.       Education on the Banks of the Nile, Amarad, Baghdad, Iraq, 1954.

2.       Present status of psychology in Egypt, Egypt Today, Annual Issue, Cairo, 1961.

3.       Phenomenological  commentary on senile amnesia, Psychiatric Spectator, II, 6, 1966.

4.       Phenomenological  commentary on Dr. Eisdorfers Paper. In E-Straus Griffith, R.  (Eds.) Phenomenology of  Memory, Duquesne University Press, 1970,  116-119.

5.       Behavioral correlates of cerebral dyshrythmia in delinquents, University Microfilms, Publication no. 959-18-230.

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10.    Needs for achievement, affiliation and porter in Arabic Stories. Proceedings of the 13th Interamerican Congress of Psychology, December, 1971.

11.    Behavioral Correlates of the EEG in Delinquents. Proceedings of the 79th Annual Convention, American Psychological Association, 1971, 6, 459-460.

12.    Behavioral correlates of the EEG, in Delinquents, Journal of Psychology, 1971, 79, 141-146.

13.    Psychology and Hermeneutics, Proceedings of the Southern Society of Philosophy and Psychology, Knoxville, Tenn., April, 1973.

14.    Is Psychology a Hermeneutic Science? Journal of Phenomenological Psychology, 1975, 3, 425-439.

15.    Does Imagination Exist? The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 1974, 16, 219-224.

16.    Hypnosis and Bad Faith. Proceedings of the Southern Society of Philosophy and Psychology, Tampa, Florida, April, 1974.

17.    Comment on Barber and Spanos, American Psychologist, 1975, 30, 1970.

18.    Mourning the Suicide of a Patient, Essence, 1976, 1, 99-107.

19.    A Demographic Study of Geriatric Patients at Dixmont State Hospital, 1972-1977. (With R.L. Wittig, M. Martell, and E.       Snyder, 1977.) (Unpublished) .

20.    American and Egyptian Attitudes Towards Death, Essence, (With D. Templer), 1978, 2, 155-158.

21.    Diurnal Mood Fluctuation as a Function of Age, International Journal of Aginq and Human Development, (with D.

22.    Templer, C. F. Templer, C. F. Ruf f , & J. L. Ayers) , 14, 1982, 189-193.

23.    Qualitative Analysis of Arabic Proverbs. Paper presented at the American Psychological     Association      Convention, Washington, D.C., September, 1.986.

24.    Content Analysis of Egyptian Proverbs, Research Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Meerut, India, 2, 1987. (With I. Peters)

25.    Qualitative Analysis of MLK Jr. Stride for Freedom. Paper presented at the American Psychological Association Convention, Atlanta, Ga., August, 1988.

26.    Arabic Version of the Children's Depression Inventory, Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, (with G.A. Ghareeb) , 1989, 18, 322-326.

27.    Flashbacks on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Paper presented at the colloquy of LVAMC, Lebanon, Pa., December, 1992.

28.    The  Structure of Templers Death Anxiety Scale Among Egyptian Students. ( With A. Abdel-Khalek  &  D. I.Templer ) Psychological Reports, 1993, 72, 920-922.

29.    The  Structure of Templers Death Anxiety Scale Among Egyptian Students: A Reply. ( With A. Abdel-Khalek ) Psychological Reports, 1993, 73, 321-322.

30.    Life Review and Death Anxiety. Paper presented at the 23rd International Congress of Applied Psychology, Madrid, Spain, July, 1994.

31.    Cross-cultural Indicators of PTSD : Death Anxiety and PTSD. Paper presented at the International Conference on the Effects of the Iraqi Aggression on Kuwait, April, 1994.


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