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Pr. QASSIM Hussein Salih

Curriculum Vitae


Personal Curriculum / Curriculum Personnel



Name & first N. QASSIM Hussein Salih

Nationality : Iraqian

Adress : Bab Almuadham - Collage of Arts - Psychology Department - Baghdad University

                       Baghdad - IRAQ


Scientific Curriculum / Curriculum Scientifique



         Personality & Mental Health


        Ph.D. of Psychology


Scientific Status

                   Professor (since 1990)

Current Profession

- Head of Baghdad University Professors League.
- Member of Psychology Department-College of Arts-Baghdad University (since 1975)

- Member of Psychology department college of Education Salahadden University
- Head of Psychological & Social Consultations Center


Subjects taught by me

-          General Psychology

-          Educational Psychology

-          Test Construction.

-          Guidance And Counseling.

-          Personality.

-          Psychology Of Art.

-          Personality Disorders (Higher Studies)

-          Abnormal Psychology (Higher Studies)

-          Psychotherapy (Higher Studies)

-          Psychological Disorders (Higher Studies)

-          Social Psychology (Higher Studies)

-          Skills Of Communication (Higher Studies)

-          Mental Health (Higher Studies)

-          Psychology Of Architecture (Higher Studies)

Cultural and Social Activities

- Writer of a column in (Alif-Baa) magazine titled (Psychological Windows)

- Writer of a page titled (I Need a Solution) in Nabdh-Alshabab newspaper.
- Writer of a column in ( AL-Jumhuriah - Republic of Yemen)newspaper titled (FROM LIFE).
- Writer of a column in (AL-Jumhuriah) called (Salt of Speach).

- Writer of a column in (Al-zaman London)called (psychological scene)

- Supervisor of weekly page (Human and society) in (Al-Mada) newspaper
- Writer of a radio and TV drama program called (Be Aware of Despair)(for 18 years)
which depends on audience letters concerning their life problems.
- Presenting a radio program titled (Psychological Consultation)
- Expert of children TV programs.
- Expert of a criminal psychology.


Published Books

-         .Human Being, Who Is He?: A text book, third level Psych. Dept. ,Baghdad University.

-          Personality Between Theory And Assessment : A text book/third level Psych. Dept /Baghdad university // Sanaa University

-          Guidance And Counseling : AN English text book/fourth level Psych. Dept./Baghdad University

-          Creativity In Art: A text book/fourth level College of Fine Arts /Baghdad University

-          Contemporary Theories In Psychology : A text book/level one /Sanaa University

-          Psychological And Behavioral Disorders: A text book/higher studies Sanaa university

-          Abnormal Psychology. A text book/fourth level and higher studies .Psych . Dept/ Baghdad University // Al. Mmustansiriyah University // Al. Qadeciyah University

-          Psychological Texts : A text book/level one & tow / Psych. dept./Baghdad University// Al. Mustansiriyah University //Al. Qadeciyah University

-          Cognitive Psychology.

-          TV And Children.

-          Psychology Of Color And Shape Perception .

-          Psychology Of Love.

-          Women In Taking Decision Positions.

-          Psychology Of Painting

-          Child And Family.

-          Prostitution, Its Causes And Analysis Of Prostitutors Personality.



Important Researches (Published in Academic Journals)

                           -          Social And Economical Status In Iraqi Society Before And During Embargo.

                           -          Problematic Of The Relationship Between Individual And Authority In Arabian Societies.

                           -          Psychological And Social Factors Of Massive Crimes.

                           -          Psychological Reflections Of Iraqi-Iranian War On Iraqis.

                           -          Attitudes Of Women Towards Men Handicapped.

                           -          Mothers Ways Of Children Socialization In Iraqi Society.

                           -          Toward A Theory Of Creativity.

                           -          Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

                           -          Guilt Feeling And Its Relationship To Somatoform Disorders.

                           -          Death Anxiety And Its Relationship To Personality Traits.

                           -          Issues On Depression And Mania.

                           -          How To Get Rid Of Depression, A Practical Program.

                           -          Jawad Saleem: A Psychological Analysis Of His Personality And Works.

                           -          Picasso: A Psychological Analysis Of His Personality And Works

                           -          Goya : A Psychological Analysis Of His Life And Works

                           -          Gogan : A Psychological Analysis Of His Life And Works.

                           -          Freud Effects On Surrealism

                           -          Freudism: Is It A Scientific Original Thought Or A Clamor Which Now Ended?

                           -          Type A personality and Type B personality.

                           -          Persecutory Thinking and Its Relationship to Dimensions of personality(Dissertation).

                           -          Suppressed Energies: psychological study of Arab Women.

                           -          Defense Mechanisms :New Look.

                           -          Guilt Feeling and Its Relationship to Somatoform Disorders.

                    -     Cognitive and Moral Development.

                    -     Death Anxiety.

                    -     Autism.
                    -     Cognitive Therapy.

                    -     Paranoid Personality Disorder.
                    -     Antisocial Personality disorder.
                    -     Schizophrenia: Its negative & positive symptoms.
                    -     Violence in Iraqi society.

                    -     Betiding of the looting and stealing in Baghdad city after falling of governor regime.
                        Psychological Introduction toTerrorism


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