We aim at establishing an  Arab psychologists guide to make known  the scientific activity and researches  of these physicians who work either in Arab countries or in other continents and this for the purpose to establish relationships between Arab psychiatrists having the same scientific preoccupations.
     We would like  our Arab psy. colleagues to send us their scientific CV with abstracts and key words of their articles or books.
     In this  web page   we present search windows concernig  cv psy. Arab articles   , psy. Arab theses and psy. Arab books.
     The research can be undertaken in three languages (Arabic, French, English. (
    In addition we present a poll of opinion concerning the best publications and researches undertaken in the Arab world for the year 2003 (whatever is the language of the article .)
    This page is reserved exclusively for psychiatrists and  psychologists subscribed to Arabpsynet  and it is protected by a personal password  .


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