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Intifada : A psychological Profile Walid Sarhan /Jamal AlKhatib
Al-Rashid Psychiatric Hospital

This is in response to Dr. Khalil Fadhil's "Intellectuals' Treason a particular psychology"  ( pdf text )

Numan M. Gharaibeh APN e.Journal  N 1 2004

Sometimes a Pipe is Just a Pipe

Numan M. Gharaibeh    

Passion For vs.Passion Against (pdftext)

Numan M. Gharaibeh APN e.Journal  N 2 2004

In defense of words

Numan M. Gharaibeh APN e.Journal  N 2 2004

After 11 September Events. : Revival of the Need to Listen to each other 

Yahia RAKHAWY APN e.Journal  N 3 2004


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