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World Psychiatric Association


XIII World Congress of Psychiatry

EGYPT - Cairo

September 10-15/2005



 دعــــوة إلــى الأطبـــاء النفسـانييـــن العـــرب

XIIIème Congrés Mondiale de Psychiatrie (Eng.)( pdf text )EGYPTE 10-15 Septembre 2005  

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Samedi,10 Sept.

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Dimanche,11 Sept.

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Lundi, 12 Sept.

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Mardi, 13 Sept.

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Mercredi, 14 Sept.

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Jeudi, 15 Sept.

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Dimanche, 11 Sept.  - 433 Ko - Lundi, 12 Sept. -402 Ko -  Mardi, 13 Sept. - 410 Ko - Wednesday, 14 Sept. - 433 Ko -

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q       WELCOME : Invitation from the Congress President


5000 Years of Science and Care -Building the Future of Psychiatry’: the 13th World Congress of Psychiatry

      The 13th World Congress of Psychiatry will take place in Cairo,Egypt from 10 to 15 September, 2005. This is the first time in the history of the WPA that an African and Arab country hosts the World Congress.
From Egypt came the first calendar, the earliest script, the oldest known love song, the first decorated stone monumental building and the tallest tomb. Egypt also has the oldest university in the world (the Islamic University of Al Azhar). It is home to five World Heritage sites: Memphis, capital of the Old Kingdom, with its associated necropolis; the modern city of Luxor with its temples and tombs; all of the Nubian temples from Abu Simbel to Philae; the early Christian pilgrimage center of Abu Mina, and the ancient Islamic quarter of Cairo. Ancient Egyptians knew mental disorders 5,000 years ago. In spite of the mystical beliefs, psychiatric patients were cared for and treated, as were those with physical ailments. In the country that has given birth to the foundations of civilization, we shall organize our World Congress of Psychiatry in 2005 around the theme ‘5,000 Years of Science and Care – Building the Future of Psychiatry’, thus discussing the old and the new with a view on future progress. World Congresses of Psychiatry are held to examine the worldwide status and future directions of psychiatry; increase worldwide exchanges of information among psychiatrists and between psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, as well as patients and their families; improve educational and quality of care standards by providing up-to-date informational and skills development opportunities on important and timely topics, including the presentation of WPA educational programs and other activities; support and stimulate collaborative research in the biological, psychological and social sciences relevant to psychiatry and mental health; strengthen links among WPA Member Societies and Affiliated Associations; make psychiatry more visible at the regional and international levels, as well as promote the institutional effectiveness and international standing of the host Society, and facilitate the exercise of WPA organizational functions through General Assemblies and other business meetings, in a context where diverse cultures have the chance to interact, learn from and about each other. The Cairo Congress will discuss the state of the art as regards all the complexities of today’s psychiatry, through addressing a multiplicity of issues such as human development; biological psychiatry and neurosciences; social and cultural psychiatry; psychiatry in Africa and other developing regions; epidemiology and public health; diagnostic systems; dementia and related cognitive disorders; substance abuse and dependence; schizophrenia and related disor- ders; mood disorders; anxiety, stress and adjustment disorders; dissociative and somatization disorders; eating, sexual and sleep disorders; personality disorders and accentuated personality; child and adolescent mental and behavioral disorders; suicide and other dangerous behaviors; HIV and psychiatry; primary care and mental health; pharmacotherapies; psychotherapies; sociotherapies; prevention and health promotion; ethics, law, human rights and mental health; mental health economics and services research. Several symposia with contributions from all the 55 WPA scientific sections will be organized, as well as special, regular and industry-supported symposia, panels, workshops, seminars, meet-theexpert sessions, forums, debates and posters from East and West, North and South, developed and developing countries, in addition to video teleconferences, new book and journal presentations, new research paper sessions and free oral communications. For the first time in a World Congress, master clinical case conferences will be held with worldwide  pioneers in clinical psychiatry, where the opportunity for active participation and intervention of the audience will be available. In fact, over 90% of the participants in the Congress will be clinicians, who need to return home with a matrix for upgrading knowledge and skills, renewing professional and personal relations and establishing new ones. Emphasis on partnership as a vital element of our profession will be the focus of attention, including partnership among mental health professionals, and between them and consumers on the one hand and policy makers on the other, and also the partnership between developed and developing countries. For further details on the Congress and deadlines for submission of contributions, please visit the website The four plenary lectures will be delivered by the WPA President and President Elect, the Egyptian 1999 Nobel laureate in Chemistry Ahmed Zewail, and the winner of the Jean Delay Prize 2005 (this is the Nobel Prize of the WPA, usually awarded to neuroscientists of high caliber, most probably from developed countries). For the first time in a World Congress of Psychiatry, a special
award for two young scientists in developing countries will be presented: the WPA Okasha Award (see the WPA News in this issue of World Psychiatry for further information). The 13th World Congress of Psychiatry will attempt to translate scientific advances into a better care for mental patients, reflecting the essence of our theme ‘5000 Years of Science and Care – Building the Future of Psychiatry’. You are welcome in Egypt to enjoy the recent developments in our profession, while hosted by a country which is the cradle of civilization.

Prof. Ahmed Okasha 
President of XIII World Congress of Psychiatry



q       Tentative List of Topics


    Aggression / Aging / AIDS and HIV Related Disorders / Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorders / Alzheimer’s Disease / Animal Models in Psychiatry / Anticholinergics / Anticraving Drugs / Antidementive Drugs / Antidepressants / Antipsychotics / Anxiety Disorders / Anxiolytics / Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder / Autistic Disorders / Biological correlates of Mental Disorders / Biological Markers / Biological Rythms / Bipolar Disorders / Brain Imaging / Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychiatry / Cognition Enhancing Drugs / Cognitive Neuropsychiatry / Community Services / Comorbidity in Psychiatry / Cost Issues in Psychiatry / Dementia / Depression / Developmental Disorders / Dissociative Disorders / Drug Dependence / Eating Disorders / Education in Psychiatry / EEG-Mapping / Electro Convulsive Treatment (ECT) / Emergency Psychiatry / Epidemiology and Mental Disorders / Epilepsy / Ethics of Psychiatric Practice and Research / Evidence based Psychiatry / Extrapyramidal Syndromes / Forensic Psychiatry / Gender Issues in Psychiatry / Generalized Anxiety Disorders (GAD) / Genetics/Molecular Genetics of Psychiatric Disorders / Geriatric Psychiatry / Herbal Psychotropics / History of Psychiatry / Hospital Psychiatry / Hypnotics / Hypnotics: Clinical Impulsecontrol disorders / Internet and New Communication Methodology / Magnetic Resonance Imaging / Maintenance Treatment / Memory and Cognitive Disorders / Mental Health Economics Mental Retardation / Migraine and Tension Headache / Molecular Neurobiology and Pharmacology / Mood Disorders / Neuroendocrinology / Neuroimaging / Neurophisiology / Neuropsychiatry / Neuropsychology / Neurosteroids / Neurotoxicology / Obsessive-compulsive Disorders (OCD) / Organic Mental Disorders / Other Psychiatric Disorders / Panic Disorders / Patient Education / Personality Disorders / Pharmacoeconomics / Pharmacogenetics / Pharmacokinetics / Philosophy and Psychiatry / Phobias / Posttraumatic Stress Disorder / Premenstrual Syndrome / Prevention in Psychiatry / Psychiatric Education / Psychiatric Nursing / Psychiatric Rehabilitation / Psychoneuroimmunology / Psychogeriatrics / Psychoimmunology / Psychoneuroendocribiology / Psychopharmacology / Psychophysiology / Psycho-social factors and mental health / Psychotherapy / Psychotic Disorders / Quality Assurance / Rehabilitation / Research Strategies and Methods / Schizophrenia / Sexual Disorders / Side Effects of Antidepressants and Antipsychotics / Sleep Disorders / Social Network Interaction / Social Psychiatry / Somatic Disorders / Somatoform Disorders / Stress Disorders / Substance Related Disorders / Suicide Prevention / Suicide / Telemedicine in Psychiatry / Traditional and Alternative Treatment in Biological Psychiatry / Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) / Transcultural Psychiatry / Transgenic Models / Treatment Techniques and Issues / Vascular Dementia / Violence / Withdrawal from Drugs


            q       Organization


    The XIII Congress of Psychiatry is organized by the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) in collaboration with the Egyptian Psychiatric Association (EPA).


Ahmed Okasha (Egypt)  President of the World Psychiatric Association


Chairpersons A. H. Khalil (Egypt) - Congress Director / P. Ruiz (USA)

Co-Chairpersons J. Cox (UK) / D. Moussaoui (Morocco)

Assistant to the Congress Director T. Okasha (Egypt)


Chairpersons J. Mezzich (USA)

Co-Chairpersons S. Abdel Azeem (Egypt) / G. Christodoulou (Greece) / M. Maj (Italy)


Chairpersons C. Hassen (Germany) / A. Sheshaai (Egypt)

Co-Chairpersons M. Ghanem (Egypt) / A. Latief (Egypt)

Secretary T. Gawad (Egypt)


Chairpersons R. Montenegro (Argentina) / M. Kamel (Egypt)

Co-Chairpersons A. El Akabawi (Egypt) / M. Fahmi (Egypt)

Secretary E. El Ghoz (UK) / V. Sami (Egypt)


Chairpersons G. Christodoulou (Greece) / Y. Abdel Mohsen (Egypt)

Co-Chairpersons W. Gaebel (Germany) / I. Youssef (Egypt)

Secretary A. Saad (Egypt)


Chairpersons M. Maj (Italy) / F. Lotaief (Egypt)

Co-Chairpersons M. El Fiky ( Egypt)

Secretary S. Aboul Magd (Egypt)


Chairpersons M. Abdel Wahab (Egypt) / S. Tyano (Israel)

Co-Chairpersons E. Fahmy ( Egypt)

Secretary S. Salem (Egypt) / M. Sayed (Egypt)


Chairpersons Z. Bishry (Egypt) / P. Ruiz (USA)

Co-Chairpersons M. El Atrouni ( Egypt) / C. Hassen (Germany) / R. Montenegro (Argentina)

Secretary O. Shaheen (Egypt)


Chairpersons B. Saraceno (WHO - Geneva) / A. Mohit (WHO/EMRO - Cairo) / K. Rahgeb (Egypt)

Co-Chairpersons A. Aboul Azayem (Egypt) / N. Loza (Egypt)

Secretary F. Moussa (Egypt) / M. Riad (Egypt)


Chairpersons J. Mezzich (USA) / A. Sadek (Egypt)

Co-Chairpersons S. Abdel Azeem (Egypt) / E. Gad ( Egypt) / A. Medani (Egypt)

Secretary J. El Nahas (Egypt) / M. El Rakahawy (Egypt) / M. Shaheen (Egypt)


Chairpersons C. Carbonell (Spain) /  J. Cox (UK) / Y. Rakhawy (Egypt)

Co-Chairpersons W. El Liethy (Egypt) / H. Thomashoff (Austria)

Secretary S. Moussa (Egypt)


Chairpersons E. El Zayat (Egypt) / C. Sebastian (Spain) / A. Sadek (Egypt)

Co-Chairpersons A. Omar (Egypt) / C. Sicilia (Spain)

Secretary M. Hammouda (Egypt) / J. Turky (Tunisia)


Chairpersons A. Ashour (Egypt) / M. S. Gawad (Egypt)

Co-Chairpersons F. Aboul Magd ( Egypt) / F. Loza ( Egypt)


Chairperson A. Okasha (Egypt)

Chair Scientific Committee J.E. Mezzich (USA)

President EPA M. Kamel (Egypt)

Congress Director A.H. Khalil (Egypt)

Chair Organizing Committee P. Ruiz (USA)

WPA Z.R. for North Africa T. Okasha (Egypt)

Advisor to the President J.J. Lَpez-Ibor (Spain)

Advisor to the President N. Sartorius (Switzerland)

Consultant E. ElZayat - Representative from Emeco

Consultant C. Sicilia - Representative from Tilesa


            q      Congress Information


§          DATE

September 10 - 15, 2005


Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Center

web site:


ENGLISH will be used in every session of the congress.

Simultaneous interpretation into SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, JAPANESE and RUSSIAN, and possibly other language, will be available at some sessions.

ENGLISH is recommended for all correspondence.


Until May 30, 2005 After May 30, 2005
Delegates * $ 530 $ 565
Delegates ** $ 430 $ 480
Delegates *** $ 320 $ 370
Delegates **** + Students + Trainees $ 220 $ 270
Accompanying Persons $ 140 $ 175

Each fee is applied for certain countries as classified by World Bank Economic Categories as follows:

* Category A: High-income countries

** Category B: Upper-middle income countries

*** Category C: Lower-middle income countries

**** Category D: Low income countries

Please, check the categories in the list on our web site:

    Regular fee includes:

_ Attendance to all scientific sessions

_ Social events: opening ceremony, closing ceremony and one other social event.

_ Entrance to the exhibition.

_ Congress bag, documents, final program, book of abstracts and other congress materials.



September 10th, 2005 OPENING CEREMONY

September 10th, 2005 OPENING CEREMONY

September 11th, 2005 SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM (Plenary Sessions, Symposia, Educational Program, Satellite Symposia, Papers, Courses)

September 12th, 2005 GENERAL ASSEMBLY

September 15th, 2005 CLOSING CEREMONY

§          EXHIBITION

A major exhibition will be held in the Exhibition complex of the Conference Centre (CICC).

For further information, please contact with



                  Egypt Air

The official carrier offers a 25% discount on excursion tickets to all conference participants upon a credit letter requested from the organizing committee.

§          VISA

Visa to Egypt is easily and directly issued in Egyptian embassies and consular offices in all countries over the world. Please, do not hesitate to contact your local office.

The Organizing Committee will send a letter of invitation upon request to facilitate travel and visa.

§          CLIMATE

The average day temperature in September is 14-18؛ C.

Light casual wear is suitable.


The Organizing Committee will be delighted to issue a formal letter of invitation for participants. This invitation is intended to facilitate raising funds and obtaining entry visa; it does not entail any financial commitment from the congress organizing committee towards the delegates.


            q       How to Contact Us



          Please address all correspondence concerning the congress to:

          XIII World Congress of Psychiatry Scientific and Technical Secretariat


          c. Londres, 17 - 28028 Madrid (Spain)

          Tel.: +34 913 612 600

          Fax: +34 913 559 208


          Travel Agent

    EMECO Travel

          Accommodation, Tourist Services


          For the latest information, please visit our web site:


            q       Date to Remember




July 1, 2004

Deadline for submission of proposals

Symposia, Workshops and Courses.

November 1, 2004

Deadline for submission of Abstracts

for Lectures, Papers and Posters.

January 1, 2005

Deadline for Fellowship program and

award application.

April 1, 2005

Deadline for reduced registration fees.

Notification of acceptance of

Abstracts and Posters.


q       Interim steering committee



Prof. Juan J. Lَpez-Ibor
Prof. Mario Maj
Prof. Juan E. Mezzich
Prof. Driss Moussaoui


Prof. Said Abdel Azim Co-Chairman of the Scientific Committee,Cochairman of the Committee of the Fellowship& Young Psychiatrists and Member of the Medical Education Committee
Prof. Moustafa Kamel
Prof. Afaf Khalil
Prof. Adel Sadek


q       Congress secretariat



 Londres, 17 - 28028 Madrid - Spain
Tel.: +34 913612600
Fax: +34 913559208



2 Tallat Harb St. - Cairo 11111 - Egypt
Tel.: +202 5749360, +202 5799544
Fax: +202 5744212, +202 5749369


Afaf Khalil

Fax: +202 683 6379


q       Congress logo


The congress logo represents Wedjat - eye - which is the left eye of Horus injured by his evil uncle Seth which was treated by the god Thot , the god of medicine and science ( the logo of the Egyptian Psychiatric Association). This eye represents care and protection and is the origin of the sign the symbol of medical prescriptions .

The stars on top are those which decorate the feminine body of "NUT" who personalize the vault of heaven. Her body binds over the earth touching the eastern and western horizons with her hands and feet.


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