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  Psychologists Moral Charter  (Arabic)    Doc1

  ICP 24 1995

   (Arabic)  Psychiatrists Charter of HonourDoc2


Anglo-Egyptian Library 1998
  (Arabic)  Mental Illness Right of EL OKSORDoc3 Charte


U.I. of Mental Health 1989
Psychiatrist's Oath   (Arabic)  Doc4 OKASHA Ahmed Contemporary Psychiatry  

UN Principes for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness )text Arabic text Eng) Doc5

Zayour Price od Psychological Sciences  Doc6 (Arabic) ZAYOUR Mustapha CEPS 1995
Understanding & Helping the Schizophrens : A Guide for Family & Friends   (Arabic)  Doc7 Trans. ATEF Ahmed Alam Almaarifa N 156 1991
Understanding & Helping the Obsessional : A Guide for Family   (Arabic)   Doc8 ABOUHENDI Wael Alam Almaarifa N 293 2003
3rd Arab Congress of Child Rights : Tunisia Declaration   (Arabic)    Doc9   Journal on Arab Children N 18 2004

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